Company background

"GOA International Internet centre " (ai.goaltd.com.hk), established in 2017, was co-founded by Mr. Chris Chan, Chairman of GOA International Ltd. and reorganized by a number of senior engineers from the former IT International IT Department. Both come from China and Hong Kong's large IT Internet companies (including PCCW, ICO, TVB.com, ASL, GZF, YOUFAN, etc.). Through nearly 100 enterprise development projects in the past ten years, the team has accumulated a large number of mature business solutions in the field of enterprise application development, back-end functional modules/APIs, distributed architecture standards, APIBaaS framework integration, and APP mobile development module SDK, which will be conventional. Application development and development costs have been reduced to 1/3, and the mobile APP development cycle has been shortened from 6 months to 2 months. At the same time, the team has established cooperation with more than one hundred mainstream third-party quality cloud service providers to aggregate rich mobile Internet solutions and high-quality cloud services, such as e-commerce, payment, IM, live broadcast, identification, map, AI and other cloud solutions. Meet the needs of the development of various types of enterprises. The team also has outstanding members with rich experience in business development, marketing, and law. In the future, we will continue to cater to market opportunities, continue to develop rapidly and efficiently, and help more companies to take advantage of the successful transformation and common development of technology.

In addition, in recent years, with the rapid rise of the global industrial Internet and artificial intelligence industry, the company has also made efforts to participate in the construction of artificial intelligence project laboratories jointly established by many domestic science and technology industrial parks and universities, through practical projects, in computer vision, natural language. Processing, deep learning, intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots and industrial automation 4.0 began to accumulate valuable industry solutions and practical experience. In the future, the company will fully enter the field of industrial Internet and AI development, seize opportunities and create a better future!

Mobile Internet Industry Solutions

Through our mature Internet marketing system cloud service, we will create a new mobile Internet business promotion and operation model. All systems and services will take advantage of the accumulated marketing experience of end users for many years and the advantages of rich channels to minimize your Get the best promotion and long-lasting user stickiness in time.

Online Shopping Mall E-commerce System

We are able to develop online shopping mall rapidly, from channel open up, member management to precise target marketing, our solutions cover each and every occasion of business operation and offer safe and reliable technical support, you only need to concentrate on developing your business

Smart restaurant system

The smart Internet restaurant solution can help catering merchants solve the "efficiency, passenger flow, capital, data management" encountered in the business process through electronic optimization of "queue parity, meal reservation, ordering cashier, mobile payment, membership management". Big problem.

Tourism e-commerce system

Professional travel website design, development, operation and other professional technical support, the practice program has accumulated more than 150 version optimization, with more than 80 powerful functions. Helping tourism companies to easily transform and operate online travel e-commerce.

CRM Customer Relationship Management System

Easily manage your company's most important customer resources through APIBaaS's Internet-based Customer Relationship Management System (MCRM), leveraging potential relationship analysis tools to make existing customer relationships stronger, and new customer relationships to grow faster.

Instant messaging IM / online customer service system

The concept of traditional customer service is outdated, using cloud computing services, SaaS technology as a model, and online customer service cloud service focusing on customer service experience, helping enterprises re-establish customer service system and greatly improve service quality.

O2O store management system

Through the platform to integrate the surrounding businesses, consumers can view the surrounding life information through the APP, make purchases, and also make an appointment for on-site service. The delivery staff can provide services through the APP to completely change the traditional consumption mode.

Advertising marketing cloud service

The mature advertising cloud BaaS service can help you quickly build your own advertising service. The intelligent big data system provides automated BI analysis, automated experience, automatic target recognition, similar crowd prediction modeling, anomaly detection, contribution analysis and other automated BI analysis.

Message push cloud service

Our Messaging BaaS service instantly integrates with major mobile service providers, covering APP messaging, email push, instant messaging, SMS messaging, and APIBaaS big data services. It saves development costs and improves operational efficiency.

Electronic coupon system

Utilizing the most market-ready E-Coupon BaaS service, companies can quickly launch O2O e-commerce marketing campaigns, maximize customer repurchase rates, develop customer retention policies and improve end-customer consumer experience.

Industrial Internet Intelligent Application Development

We are committed to providing you with suitable and mature industrial Internet intelligent solutions and new management modes, rapidly developing or integrating advanced and mature industrial systems, quickly entering the era of industrial Internet, taking the lead and strategizing.

Artificial intelligence research and development

Deep integration of artificial intelligence technologies such as machine vision, natural language processing, and deep learning. Through various types of data mining, production, procurement and sales, data collection, large data collection, forecasting, analyzing, guiding business decisions, improving business processes, and deepening business scope.

Internet of Things application

Combined with iOS&Andriod mobile terminal technology, and with the current IoT technologies such as sensors, RFID, ZigBee, LTE, cloud computing, etc., the application involves industrial management, security monitoring, device tracking, production control, asset management and other practical scenarios.

Industrial Intelligence Application / APP Development

The use of industrial Internet applications not only brings product quality and production efficiency, but also helps enterprises reduce costs. Standardize, regularize, software, and modularize a large number of industrial technologies, and build a mature industrial application ecosystem using cloud and APP applications.

Enterprise Intelligent Application Development


Supply and demand synergy

With one-click release, the company can quickly and accurately obtain quotes and solutions, achieve accurate matching of supply and demand, and solve the production capacity and demand of both companies.

Intelligent manufacturing

Through the industrial intelligent gateway and virtual gateway, the device is connected to realize the all-round monitoring and operation management of the cloud to the device, and realize the intelligent manufacturing process.

Industrial big data

Converging business information and equipment production and operation data, conducting massive data mining and analysis, building business algorithm models, and optimizing enterprise production lines and business operations.

Industrial Applications / APP

Through years of manufacturing experience in the industrial industry, combined with mobile Internet APP to create a customized ecological application based on business scenarios. 。

Global Data Center Hosting Service

Globalized and distributed intelligent data center, providing multiple space, bandwidth leasing solutions, intelligent network routing and intelligent acceleration services, leading network speed advantage and network optimization technology, providing multi-point and multi-network layout in Hong Kong and the whole country, providing one station Service, high quality green data center. Providing users with diversified product services and solutions, achieving broadband connection with multiple telecom operators nationwide, and the entire network bandwidth processing capability exceeds 200 Gbps, working closely with resident network telecom operators in multiple locations to provide integration. "Destination Access Optimization Network".

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Focus on providing one-stop core network cloud deployment services for individual developer users, small and medium-sized enterprise users, and large enterprise users, facilitating user cloud deployment, simplifying and quickly using cloud computing to provide comprehensive industry solutions and superior cloud computing. service.

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